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20 Years of CFOing for CEOs

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CFOing for CEOs Is Not For Everyone

Are you sure you want to be a CFO serving multiple clients? Whether you call that a part-time CFO, fractional CFO, or a virtual CFO, this is hard work. Not only are you the rainmaker if you are in a solo practice, but you are also your firms’ business developer and lead consultant. And then there is admin work and ongoing training to keep growing your game.

That’s why I created Free Agent CFO™ because I wanted to share the essence of serving CEOs in a unique manner that helps them to grow and proper. All coaching and mentoring is tacit-based with scores and scores of stories from the playing field.

I completed my first project in 1993. I started my practice in 2001. I’ve been a customer (they call it partner) of the greatest CFO firm on the planet. I’ve tried every possible consulting model possible based on experimentation, but based on my unique capabilities and personality. I also pretty much remake my service offerings about every five years – that’s because our capabilities and preferences change over time. This also keeps our business fresh and interesting.

And this brings me back full circle to why I created this learning platform. It’s instinctual. I love doing it. It’s not work. And I enjoy seeing others grow.

Mark Gandy
Mark Gandy
Founder – Free Agent CFO™

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