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Translating a productive and successful CFO career as a W-2 employee into a consulting business is not easy. There is less than a 40% chance that you will survive. Increase the odds by learning how to find your ideal client, communicate your unique offering to a client without selling, and deliver results that can never be commoditized.

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Coaching and training for individuals run from 4-12 weeks based on the package you choose. The longer track includes our entire finding-getting-doing framework. The shorter training is for CFOs only needing a kickstart to their marketing and selling activities.

If you live and work in Missouri, training can be in person in Columbia. But the majority of training is done through weekly Zoom calls. You are also provided online courses to augment the coaching and training.

Boot camps started as a result of CFOs reading my content on this site and on Quora, and they asked, “Can you teach me more?” While you don’t need to buy our tools, our skills reside in Tableau, Quantrx for modeling, analytics, performance tracking, and M&A.

If someone promises you a client in 90 days, run. The better question to ask is, “How long before I’m at full capacity?” That answer varies based on your background and the market you serve. May favorite CFOs tend to hit their stride starting in about month number nine. With some luck, you might get your first client in a few weeks. I’ve seen it take really good CFOs up to five months to gain that first client. Think like a startup. You are constantly testing and working the market. Always think full capacity when thinking about this question.

All coaching and training packages will be your biggest expenditure in any five-year period. However, the investment will be a small percentage of the first $1,000,000 you earn over 4-5 years.

The preference is your office. As with one-to-one training, we can do this online as well through Zoom calls.

Absolutely. The way this works is for one annual fee, you pay for up to four workshops a year with full access to online training for one year. The subscription will vary based on the number of firm members going through one-to-one training each year.

No. I’ve asked some CFOs to get more experience. Every CFO before starting a consulting practice should be an expert a complex debt financing, M&A, lean accounting and finance operations, a strong acumen in every phase of the business, technology, and even organizational health. Even CPA firms should have at least one former CFO on the team who came from the corporate world. Free Agent CFO™ wants you to win. But you need a strong financial background before jumping into this business.

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