Every CFO Needs a Theme Song

Every Part-Time CFO Needs a Theme Song

Ready for an adrenaline rush? Come on, you deserve it.

Let’s start with sports and music. The two just go together. Add a high-performing, part-time CFO to the mix, and you’ve got a powerful combination.

And if you agree, you need a theme song for your practice. Tell me you haven’t at least driven down an interstate with the music cranked up headed to a client’s office for the first time (obviously when you are between audiobooks).

My CFO Theme Song Criteria

About that comment earlier with the music cranked up high, as in eardrum shattering–guilty.

My frustration is that my budget doesn’t allow me to hire Hans Zimmer to whip up a few themes for various situations. Maybe down the road.

For now, I’ll roll with three which you can sample later. My selection is based on the following criteria:

  • It has to be sports-oriented which fits my firm’s culture
  • It has to be memorable
  • Ideally, it’s a bit obscure, so nothing like Awolnation’s Sail
  • And it even needs to be motivating to get me through a workout

Don’t forget, I’m priming your theme song pump. I want to know your top 3 theme songs too. For now, I will let you know what mine are. I couldn’t settle for just one.

#1 – First Steps by Elbow

The BBC knows how to create great music for its Olympics coverage. They crushed it for the 2012 London Games. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could call this your very own theme song for your practice?

Having a bad day? Lacking some confidence? Caffeine not kicking in yet? First Steps cranked up high on your Bose speakers is the solution.

#2 Our Hearts Are In It

Not quite making it to the number one slot is a theme that tugs at the emotions. I’m confident your heart will be in this one.

I bet you can’t listen to that one just once and never share it with a friend.

#3 This is Madness by Hans Zimmer

Remember my criteria? I should have added one more bullet point. I love heavy percussion since I played the drums as a kid. Throw in Hans Zimmer and you’ll have sounds you can never erase from your head. Next up is a powerful piece from the movie Man of Steel, and the track is This is Madness.

Like I said, give me a couple years, and I’m adding Hans to the marketing budget.

What’s Your Theme Song?

Is it just music?

Bach called music refreshment of the soul whose purpose is for the recreation of the human spirit. He went on to say it is the special province of music to move the heart.

Our hard work requires grit where our creativity and cognitive abilities are constantly stretched. So go ahead, I give you permission to ease the mind with your new theme songs.

By the way, the heart of Free Agent CFO™ is in it when it comes to helping you to be the best CFO that you can be for your clients.

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