Numbers in a CFO Website Domain

Do You Have a Number in Your Domain Name?

I do not recommend using a number in your domain name. It’s potentially confusing. Are we supposed to type the number or spell it out?

Additionally, it takes extra effort to reach the number on your keyboard. And yes, tell the truth. You have to cheat to look for the number, right? I generally do.

And look who’s talking, G3CFO himself.

The Reason G3CFO Has a Number

G3CFO is my CFO practice, and it’s the brand that owns Free Agent CFO™.

The G3 has dual meanings that only a few people know. I market tested the name to my most important audience before I launched–my kids and wife. They liked they way G3CFO rolled off the tongue.

But I still don’t like numbers in a domain name for the reasons cited above.

2 Tips When Using a Number in Your Domain Name

When I acquired my dot com for G3CFO, I immediately acquired just in case some yahoo thinks the number should be spelled out. Go ahead, try it. If you haven’t clicked the link, try it now for GThreeCFO.

Notice the link redirects to the website of my CFO practice.

I purchase all of my domains through Hover because I find their dashboard easy to navigate. And no, I’m not paid to say that. I do not have an affiliate relationship with the great people over at Hover. Your dashboard will not look like mine if you do not use Hover. But you should be able to easily find the re-direct setting like mine above.

Should the Great People Behind CFOs2Go Follow This Advice?

I can hear the SEO expert or webmaster now by saying, “You don’t really need to do this, you’re safe.”

Maybe. Or, maybe not.

Let’s say your SEO expert is right. But what’s an extra $12 to $15 dollars a year? If you own CFOs2Go, then get the other name with the 2 spelled out (CFOs2Go is part of 2GOCompanies, and I suggest the same for that domain). Doing so also keeps an unscrupulous competitor from buying names with the numbers spelled out.

Title Photo Attribution: yan Viveros

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